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BM Remedial Therapy

Unlike general massage, BM therapy targets those problem areas using a combination or massage, trigger point release, mobilisation and remedial exercise.


These sessions can be targeted to a specific area or applied to the whole body. On many occasions where we feel the pain is not the site of the problem. This is a unique technique uses an holistic approach to relieve pain, discomfort, tightness and improve mobility. I like to help you to understand why this has happened,  find our what the cause was and what you can do to help prevent this from happening again.


Deep relaxation of the muscles using sweeping, kneading strokes an excellent choice for those who hold tension in their body, also important for those who exercise regularly to prevent lymphatic and lactic acid build up.


Relaxation, Holistic or Deep Tissue Massage (inc Full Body)

Swedish Massage (Full Body)

Swedish massage is one of the most common types of massage therapy.  It's often used to relax you, relieve stress and relieve pain. Swedish massage often involves rubbing, kneading, stroking and tapping your muscles.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This is an amazing and gentle technique which facilitates detoxification whilst boosting the immune, circulatory system, improving the filtration of waste products through the Lymphatic system and boosting metabolism. When the Lymphatic system becomes overloaded it will affect the whole body. The toxins that would normally be filtered can become absorbed into other organs and lead to other harmful heath conditions and weight gain. MLD can be targeted to a specific region or the whole body depending on your requirements. It has many additional benefits such as reducing swelling and bloating, boosting circulation, improving skin texture, assisting with weight loss by contouring the skin. MLD is also recommended following aesthetic surgical procedures (please check with your surgeon to ensure that they recommend this treatment before booking). 


There are various techniques which can be applied including, small circular and pumping movements, sweeping and assisted pressure. The treatments are bespoke and tailored to you personally and  I will advise what will be the most effective to help your achieve the results that you desire.


I also provide a home care plan with exercise, advice, self help, so that you can support yourself in between sessions.


Do you suffer with swelling in the feet or lower legs? Have a compromised vascular/immune system? Pregnant? Unhappy with your weight loss progress or the appearance of your skin?


I recommend a course of 6 treatments followed by a maintenance plan to get the best possible outcome


Back Neck and Shoulder Massage

Massage and soft tissue therapy coupled with trigger point therapy to targeted areas. An Ideal treatment for those who hold tension in the upper body.


Light Touch Therapy

Light touch therapy does not use massage creams or oils, it is applied over clothes using gentle stretching, rolling across the muscles and the sustained direct pressure of myofascial release.


Indian Head Massage

Using a blend of oils apllied to shoulders, neck, head and face. Good way of relieving tension, stress from the body.


Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a speciality massage that uses smooth, heated stones. They are often basalt, a black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat well, but there can be other types. The heat is both deeply relaxing and helps tight muscles release.


Alison massages a client's leg

Pregnancy Massage

You are able to receive pregnancy massage after the first Trimester.


Why have a massage?

Our bodies go through so much change during pregnancy. There is additional strain placed on the body, due the excess weight we gain which can lead weakness especially in pelvic region and low back this is due to the muscles, ligaments working harder to support the babies development. During the later stages the circulatory and lymphatic system has to work that much harder to support both you and the baby and as a result we have swelling in the legs and feet and the back and pelvis can feel strained. A massage can help to boost the circulatory and lymphatic system whist relieving those aches and pains. 


We have additional supports to make you feel comfortable and relaxed and can tailor the massage to your requirements.


Post Natal Massage

Our bodies go through a tremendous amount of stress when we are pregnant and this can result in our bodies becoming sluggish, loss of muscle tone and general aches and pains whilst our body is repairing.


A post pregnancy massage can support you in getting yourself back to optimal health. The benefits are vast including, tightening of muscle tissue, boosting the immune, circulatory and lymphatic system; decreasing 'cortisol' which is the stress hormone thus having a relaxing affect on the body.


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