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Emotional Freedom Thechnique (EFT)

Psychological version of acupuncture, involving making contact (in a systematic way) with a number of acupuncture points. Usually this is by tapping on these points, while you focus on a specific feeling, thought or image also repeating specific words to release the attached emotion. The specific points to tap are the end-points of the major meridians (meridians are the channels of energy which flow through our body).


Those who know me understand that I will only advocate what I believe in and feel passionate about, so when I started my EFT journey it helped me cope with my anxiety and stress related disorders. What I didn’t realise is how much it helped me understand my ‘core beliefs’ and how these limiting beliefs were holding me back and affecting my decisions and choices. This has not just helped my mindset but has cleared beliefs and events from the past which even though didn’t stop me achieving my goals (at times it was close) but made life quite difficult and unpleasant at times, I did not feel deep inside that I was happy with myself.


During the past my core beliefs:


‘I am not good enough’

‘I will fail’

‘I am not able to say no’


To name a few …. came up regularly and made me feel the need to prove myself. EFT is delivered in a supportive, safe and nurturing environment. I am able to say whole heartedly that my life has changed. My emotional and physical being is able to cope with challenges and I have gained the confidence to develop myself! 


EFT has become a daily practice for me and when I have those times where life may throw a challenge I have the tools to help me cope and to bring the emotional intensity down which enables me to think clearly and deal with challenges without feeling overwhelm.



It has been a privilege to help clients who have experienced the following life challenges including:




Body Shame

Weight issues

Panic Attacks



Pain Managment 

Child behavioural issues


Chronic illness



Guided Relaxation

Guided relaxation offers you the environment and assistance to reduce and eliminate stress, anxiety and depression from your life. An experienced relaxation guide will help you find inner stillness and encourage positive thinking to allow you to improve yourself.


Life Coaching

A life coach encourages and counsels clients on a range of professional and personal issues. Life coaching helps you with specific professional projects, personal goals and transitions.


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