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Guided Relaxation Classes

Individual or group relaxation classes are available, this is ideal if you have a busy life and need time out, also very affective for pain management or those who wish to develop meditation skills.


One on One Exercise advice/class

The Sarling Technique precision exercises are safe, effective and ensure that the body is exercised correctly ensuring that the musculoskeletal system is balanced at all times. The key word is precision and safety for the body. These exercises are excellent for those who suffer with musculoskeletal problems but also for those who exercise frequently and maybe using incorrect exercises which could cause future issues.

The Sarling Precision group exercise and limited mobility classes are available upon request.


Zoom Consultations / Support Programs

Consultations in the comfort of your own home posture evaluation also included, great for those who have time restrictions or do not live close. You can still benefit by receiving advice, self-help and body-use patterns along with a personal health discussion.


Alison shows a client how to relax

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