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Welcome to A Y Body Mechanic

Alison Young has worked within the field of Holistic Therapy for a number of years and is a fully qualified practitioner and teacher of 'The Sarling Technique' BodyMechanic Musculoskeletal therapy. Alison has further developed her knowledge and skills and is dedicated to supporting her clients.

AY Body Mechanic offers the following therapies:

  • Musculoskeletal targeted massage
  • Acupressure 
  • Trigger point release 
  • Postural analysis and advice
  • Light touch therapy
  • Precision Pilates and 'Sarling' exercise classes
  • Reflexology
  • Life Coaching 
  • Guided relaxation
  • Emotional Freedom Technique


"During my years as an holistic therapist my passion has grown and I believe that the mind and the body are more interconnected than we could ever imagine. My journey started by supporting clients with musculoskeletal therapy and pain management but has grown into Life coaching and Emotional Freedom Technique therapies (EFT)."

These therapies are delivered in a supportive, nurturing and safe environment enabling personal growth which will provide you with 'tools' to help release 'stuck emotions' both consciously and those that you may not be aware of; which are held in the unconscious mind. Coupled together life coaching and EFT are powerful modalities and help you deal with events from the past, present or future that are hindering your ability to have the life you truly deserve. They provide clarity, understanding and a true sense of freedom, whilst helping you to focus on the goals that you want to achieve in your life and let go of the 'core beliefs' that could be holding you back.


Why choose me?

"My vocation and passion have already enabled me to support many clients in the past and to witness the change both physically and mentally has been priceless. I only advocate therapies that I whole heartedly believe in and that have made a significant change in my life. I truly believe that to be able to connect, understand what is right for my clients you need to have experienced similar difficulties. I have suffered with physical and emotional pain in the past and have personally experienced a significant change and now have the life that I did not think was possible, doing the job I love and able to cope with uncertainty, stress and anxiety and look at this as an opportunity to grow and develop. I believe that we all deserve the opportunity to be in the best physical and emotional place that we can be."

"Kindness, love and support is the key to receiving emotional fulfilment and the abundance we deserve in life"

A. Young 2021

A Y Body Mechanic

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Harlow, United Kingdom

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