About Me

I had the great opportunity to be personally trained by Grace Olive Collins, founder of the Sarling Technique and Body Mechanics therapy, who was a professional member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and worked within this field for over 40 years.

My passion is to help people who suffer with musculoskeletal problems and improve the health service resulting in being a Committee member for British Complimentary Medical Association to ensure complimentary therapy standards are maintained along with raising the profile of the association. I work in collaboration with The Harlow Holistic Therapy Centre. I have also volunteered with the NHS West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group, focussing on improving musculoskeletal services; representing the ‘voice’ of the patient and complimentary therapy.  

Previously I worked within the scientific industry for over 19 years supporting various therapeutic groups including Pain, Psychiatry, Translational Pharmacological Sciences, Neuroprotection, Neurodegeneration, Gastrointestinal Diseases, MRI, Metabolism, Genetics and Respiratory research. 

My belief in the importance of treating the physical, mind and body is due to my education, experience, training and personal belief system. Previously my involvement included ‘Focus on the Patients’ awareness clinics along with presenting at schools and colleges as a Science Ambassador for STEMNET. 

My scientific background coupled with my holistic understanding enables me to share my experience strength and hope to the clients I work with. My approach of treating the whole body ‘holistically’ helps and empowers others improve their quality of life.

I have written a number of articles including: Food for thought, Relieve your tension and Living with Fibromyalgia for the British Complementary Medicine Association. My YouTube channel also hosts live events and advice available to a wider audience

Following in the footsteps of my mentor

Me and Grace Olive Sarling, the founder of the 'Sarling Bodymechanic Therapy' - an amazing mentor, an inspiration to all Musculoskeletal therapists.